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Meet Tom Ryan

Coaching History

In 2000 Tom created Dallas Athletes, a community-based training group for triathletes, cyclists, swimmers, and runners, which became the second largest fee based multi-sport club in the United States. (Tom closed Dallas Athletes the club in 2015 and sold his ownership in Dallas Athletes Racing in 2021.)

In 2001, Tom developed the first TRI 101 & TRI 202 group training programs in Texas, delivering over 1300 beginner and developing athletes to their first ever sprint and/or olympic distance triathlon finish line!

His TRI 101 & TRI 202 programs expanded into 70.3 and Ironman group training programs.

TRI 101 became the most popular, and successful, training program in Dallas Athletes history with a 95% completion rate!

Tom had a two decade “run” on the college lecture circuit with over 300 speeches on health, fitness, nutrition, and mental health.

His “Tom’s Pool School,” where he teaches his “Four Pillars of Swimming,” has a 14-year history of selling out EVERY class!

Tom Ryan was voted “Triathlon Coach of the Year” in back-to-back years by Competitor Texas Magazine. He is a four-time Ironman finisher, 30+-year triathlete, with countless “Top 3 Age Group & Age Group” awards!”

The Fun Stuff

Tom’s favorite shows include: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Firefly Lane, Ozark, Glee, and Queen of the South. He can “talk shop” about ALL “chick flicks.” He eats pizza ALL the time and enjoys two ice cold Coca-Colas each week. THREE peanut M&M’s are a part of his daily nutrition. He is fluent in sarcasm and knows three cuss words in Korean.

He dances at ALL weddings, including his own. He’s had A LOT of weddings!

Pet Peeves include people who drive cars with dogs in their laps and people who “talk” but NEVER “do.”