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Tom Ryan’s Performance Based Coaching

Maximize Your Performance with Expert Coaching

  • Wondering if your workouts hit the mark?
  • Is your nutrition game on point for that upcoming race?
  • Need a fresh set of eyes to review, or create your performance nutrition and/or training?

As developing athletes, we all need a fresh perspective on our training and fueling. In a world full of information, everyone from Olympians to weekend warriors has a coach.

Coach-on-Call: Two Ways to Kick A$$

Single Call

Nutrition, exercise, and training expertise in a single call.

Tom’s Single Call option provides a REVIEW & RECOMMENDATIONS of your nutrition, exercise, and training in a single phone call.
For the ultimate party experience, shoot your questions via email 36 hours in advance. Fashionably late, last-minute calls are welcome, too.
Examples sent to Tom for a Single Call …

“Tom, here’s my 10K training. Any adjustments?”

“I’m confused about nutrition for my half Ironman fueling, hydration and training. Help!”

“I’m overwhelmed and confused with nutrition info. Can you review my weekly plan?”

If you’re looking to take the guesswork out of your workouts, nutrition, and racing, a call with Tom is PERFECT for you!


30 min call: $55
45 min call: $75
60 min call: $95


VIP personalized coaching – Tom crafts your training magic, fueling spells, and daily nutrition wizardry.

Benefits of Coach on Call – Monthly…

  1. One weekly, “zoom,” face-to-face, or phone call with a review of the pervious weeks training, as well as discussions on fueling, hydration, rest, stress levels, rest and training and race planning and “prep.”
  2. Consistent communication via text or phone on all aspects of training and nutrition.
  3. Creation of all workouts, performance nutrition and race planning.

Tom’s “Monthly Coaching” is your personalized one-on-one program covering workout creation, planning, and review for training and racing. This includes tailored strategies for workouts, races, fueling, hydration, and performance nutrition on a weekly and monthly basis. Expect extensive communication and learning with this option.

Tom avoids one-size fits all programs. Your plan is crafted based on three key criteria: your lifestyle, training, and individual athletic level. At the end of a monthly, one-on-one coaching program with Tom, your knowledge of training, racing, fueling and hydration protocols will be American Idol worthy.

Tom only works with SIX individual athletes at a time in his monthly “coach on call” program.


Monthly coaching is custom tailored to your needs. Every athlete is different, requiring a different focus. You can expect a monthly cost between $327-$527 per month.

Ready to be a Bad A$$?

It all starts with a conversation with Tom to elevate your health, fitness, training, nutrition, and performance.

Contact Tom at, or go old school and give him a call at, 214-454-9561 to schedule a phone call or Zoom session.

For a SINGLE “coach on call” with Tom, please send your question(s) via email 36 hours in advance. This gives him an opportunity to review your question(s) to maximize your time together!

Urgent calls are scheduled ASAP.

For Tom’s MONTHLY training, we will schedule an initial conversation (approx. one-hour) to learn more about you and your “adventures” to determine if he can benefit you.

If it’s a “fit,” you’ll begin the process of kicking butt with your fitness and performance! It’s that simple!

Tom's Coaching Experience

Tom Ryan was voted “Triathlon Coach of the Year” in back-to-back years by Competitor Magazine – Texas.

His group and individual training programs have delivered over 1000 “developing athletes” across the finish line! (Please take a minute to read testimonials below from athletes like you!)

He is a four-time Ironman finisher, 30+ year triathlete, with countless Top 3 Age Group & Age Group awards!
At age 64, he is a recent qualifier of the Senior Olympics in triathlon, and still trains 4-6 days per week!

Tom had a two-decade run on the college lecture circuit with over 300 speeches on health, fitness, nutrition, and mental health. He was also suspended 68 days in high school.

His “Tom’s Pool School”, where he teaches his Four Pillars of Swimming, has a 14-year history of selling out EVERY class! See

What people are saying


“Tom’s Ironman training program produced great results. There were 10 of us that did Ironman following various programs. Those who followed Tom’s program had the best finishing times – the proof is in the pudding. In addition to emailing the weekly workouts to his clients, Tom works out with us and provides feedback live and in person. He puts his heart and soul into his training programs.”

– Wally G.

“My husband and I started with Tri 101 three years ago with limited background in swimming, biking or running. We’ve since crossed the finish line in multiple sprint races, a few marathons, half Ironman’s, and one Ironman. Our lives have changed over the last few years in a myriad of ways, all for the better.”

– John & Kellie H., Coach “Grads” extraordinaire!

“When I registered for my very first half Ironman I was very nervous. 1.2-mile open water swim! Half marathon after a 56-mile bike! Am I crazy!

However, Tom’s Half Iron training program-built confidence in me weekly. He corrected my many swim problems, passed on sooo much knowledge about nutrition, managing workload throughout the race, and an actual race strategy to follow. I lined up the morning of ready to rock.

Making me a lean mean fit machine with a plan was not the best part. It was the friends I made along the way that I still stay in contact with today. Race with. Train with. Complain with. Nothing felt better than sharing my fears, pain and finally the accomplishment with someone else. I do not think I could have ever completed the race without the program.”

– Donny T. – The Man with a Legendary 70.3 Finish Line Celebration!

“The Half Ironman training program was the most emotionally fulfilling time of my life and I plan on reliving the experience. The program included weekly training sessions, physical health, mental health, nutrition, race day strategies, and Coach Tom. He supported me along the way, and he encouraged me to do my best. Thanks for an amazing experience. ”

– Fern H., TRI 101, Half and Full Ironman Training Program Grad

“We were the ‘non-Believers.’ We had heard about Tom Ryan’s Ironman coaching while speaking with another local Ironman finisher he had coached. As we listened, both my husband and I thought, ‘His training style included dramatically LESS training time than other coaches.’ Two other athletes, coached by Tom told us, ‘His approach to training is drastically different due to his emphasis on rest, perceived effort, and lifestyle.’ We decided to go with Tom, starting with a 70.3. Now, we’ve been with him for two Ironman’s! While other athletes were getting injured and burned out, we remained healthy and energetic!”

– Jerry and Jeri D. – Texas

“I remember saying that to myself as I drove to the first tri101 workout. Here I am, a 42-yr-old ex-athlete, 25 lbs. overweight with two knee surgeries under my belt. I was slightly intimidated and knew I’d probably embarrass myself. When I joined TRI 101 I could not run 1 mile, I was surprised how a little dedication from me changed that so quickly. I finished the program and completed two sprint triathlons in the same year! I have since competed in two 15k runs and have plans for my first half ironman. Tom’s tri 101 program showed me a path to get myself back in shape, which in turn has positively impacted all other areas of my life.”

– Jerry and Jeri D.

“Ironman was a race and I wanted to tackle. Yet, a cancer battle consumed a good part of 2012. The next year, Tom created a training program that balanced my lifestyle which included a wife, a five-year-old daughter, and a newborn son, along with a job that required monthly travel. Tom’s approach taught me the balance between training – life and what he calls an athlete’s #1 workout – REST. Ironman training did require a great deal of time. Yet, it worked! ‘m ready to do it again. ”

– Walt C., Ironman Finisher