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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

What to Expect

Get ready for a thorough exploration of your personal habits—like what you eat on a daily and weekly basis, your sleep patterns, stress levels, activity levels, body type, and how mentally and physically tired you feel.

You’ll participate in a weekly live group session, either online or in person, and have a 45-minute one-on-one call with Tom. Plus, Tom will provide personalized video and article reviews, along with a customized nutritional plan tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Forget about stepping on scales, tracking calories, measuring macros, or using any apps in Tom’s “Nutritional Therapy” programs. It’s all about understanding and enhancing your well-being without the hassle of traditional methods.

Suited to Your Individual Goals

Choose Your Program

Lifestyle Nutrition

12 Weeks

Lifestyle Nutrition is designed for those facing challenges in losing or managing weight.
If you’ve felt frustrated, thinking, “I’ve tried everything. Nutrition is a maze. Nothing seems to work! Can’t lose or manage weight no matter what I do,” then Lifestyle Nutrition is the ideal fit for you!

Performance Nutrition

12 Weeks

Performance Nutrition is ideal for beginners or developing athletes engaged in endurance activities like 5K or marathon running, sprint to Ironman triathlons, and even hikers or walkers! It’s a slam dunk for team or individual sport enthusiasts, whether you’re into soccer, football, baseball, hockey, swimming, cycling, and more.

Intermittent Fasting

12 Weeks

The Intermittent Fasting course is a deep dive into fasting techniques. These techniques have been proven to be highly effective for losing and maintaining weight. New to intermittent fasting? No worries! This course is the perfect choice for you.

How to Start Kicking Ass!

A quick 30 minute consultation is the first step to joining one of Tom’s Nutritional Therapy programs. This helps ensure that he can guide you effectively and that you’re in the right setup for positive changes.


Pay Monthly


per month for 3 months

One Time Payment


Save $68

Answers to all your questions.

Nutritional Therapy FAQs

Are there age restrictions for Tom’s programs?
Yes, all applicants must be 18 or older. If you’re under 18, written approval from a parent or adult guardian is required.

Does Tom work with children or teens?
Absolutely! His “Performance” and “Lifestyle Nutrition” classes are suitable. Note: Participants under 18 need written permission from a parent or adult guardian.

Do I need to exercise during the course?
Yes, exercise is integral to all of Tom’s programs. It can be as simple as a 5-minute daily walk.

Are texting and emails part of the class?
Yes! In addition to your weekly 1-on-1 call or “Zoom” and group session with Tom, you’ll receive a list of communication protocols.

Does Tom accept one-on-one clients?
Absolutely. With all his nutrition programs, Tom offers one-on-one coaching. After a few individual sessions, you can choose to join the group “class” for the benefits of the “group dynamic.”

Are Tom’s programs suitable for vegan and/or vegetarian lifestyles?
Yes! The food choices are yours to make.

What is the refund policy?
If accepted into the program, the agreement is to finish it. Quitting is NOT an option, and there are no refunds.

Three Deadly Sins of Weight Loss, Weight Management and Proper Nutrition

Going Solo

Trying to lose weight, boost athletic performance, or create a solid nutrition plan on your own is a setup for failure. Success comes from being part of a community that provides accountability and sustainability – key elements in all of my programs.

Food Eliminations Fail

Cutting out the foods you love often leads to disappointment. Extreme diets that nix favorites like pizza, ice cream, fast food, soda, and beer usually backfire, making you crave them even more.

Calorie Counting Trap

Building a life around counting calories or micromanaging micronutrients isn’t sustainable for 99% of us. It’s a surefire way to stumble in your nutritional journey.

Ready to Take your Nutrition to the Next Level?

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About Tom

Tom isn’t a doctor or nutritionist. He’s a seasoned nutritional lifestyle expert with 40+ years of experience in fitness and nutrition.

He’s shared his insights and strategies through 300+ lectures on entrepreneurial business, mental health, fitness, and nutrition on the college lecture circuit. Tom has also coached over 1000 runners and triathletes in his Triathlon Training and Run Training groups.

Learn more about Tom.