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Happy Triathletes

“The TRI 101 class was an absolute blast. I never knew how valuable the group dynamic could be until I experienced it with Tom and the other 25 TRI 101ers. Whether you’ve never run an inch or you’re a regular at the track, you will fit in perfectly with this class. Tom makes it fun, challenging, and extremely rewarding. I might even take the class again just so I can see if Tom uses all the same jokes…”

– Jeremy R., Tri 101 (St. Pat’s Triathlon)

“My TRI 101 experience resulted in a complete shift in perspective in life and as an athlete. The program is structured in a way for the athlete to recognize his or her current ability and lay the foundation for peak success. Tom and all the coaches involved in the TRI 101 pay individual attention to the athletes in the group and guide in an extremely comprehensive and detailed way, necessary for beginners. The social dynamic is great and there’s no room for ‘can’t’ here! Or simply stated, ‘I loved it!'”

– Robin M., Tri 101 (St. Pat’s Triathlon)

“Tri 101 is an awesome program. The group dynamic of training for your first Tri is an unfailing method for anyone with desire to better themselves in a noncompetitive environment. The coaching is more about encouragement and strategy than about hard-core training. Not only did I complete my first Tri and sign up for the next one, I met many wonderful goal-oriented athletes that will develop into life-long friendships.”

– Shelly L., TRI 101 (River Cities)

“I found the TRI 101 class rewarding and challenging. It was a great way to get back into competitive sports for me. Making new friends to train with was just a bonus of the whole experience. Coach Tom’s inspiring attitude and personality keeps pushing you to your limits.”

– Carolyn M., TRI 101 (Malibu)

“After 12 weeks of training, my triathlon event finally had arrived. While I did not set any world speed records, the swim went well. I came out of the water feeling strong. Throughout the ride I kept remembering Tom’s words of wisdom, “ride to run” and so that’s what I did. As I finished my run and reflected on the event, I said to myself, ‘Wow, I’m done! I still have a lot of fuel in my tank!’”

– Cryus C., TRI 101 (Disco Triathlon)

“Tri 101 is one of the best fitness programs I have ever been involved in. Prior to Tri 101 the longest run I had ever completed was a mile. After the program, I was able to complete my first triathlon without any problems. It was an amazing team building experience. I loved being surrounded by other beginning athletes like me and watching them progress as I did. It was awesome to finish the triathlon with all the tri 101 participants cheering me on. Since completing my tri 101 experience I have completed 4 additional triathlons as well as several cycling and running events. It was a fabulous experience!”

– Erin F., TRI 101

“Tom’s TRI 101 was a ‘BALL!” Therein lies the problem…now I want to go for the challenge of the full Ironman triathlon. I blame Tom!”

– “Money Mac” M., 2 x TRI 101 Graduate

“TRI 101 is an awesome experience! Training with the small group allowed us to encourage and motivate one another. Tom was a great leader. His sense of humor helped us get through it! I learned a lot about proper technique in swimming, running, and riding. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to any level of athlete who wants to have a good time and train!”

– Colleen M., TRI 101

“Tom’s Ironman training program produced great results. There were 10 of us that did Ironman following various programs. Those who followed Tom’s program had the best finishing times – the proof is in the pudding. In addition to emailing the weekly workouts to his clients, Tom works out with us and provides feedback live and in person. He puts his heart and soul into his training programs.”

– Wally G.

“The Half Ironman training program was the most emotionally fulfilling time of my life and I plan on reliving the experience. The program included weekly training sessions, physical health, mental health, nutrition, race day strategies, and Coach Tom. He supported me along the way, and he encouraged me to do my best. Thanks for an amazing experience. ”

– Fern H., TRI 101, Half and Full Ironman Training Program Grad

“When I registered for my very first half Ironman I was very nervous. 1.2-mile open water swim! Half marathon after a 56-mile bike! Am I crazy!

However, Tom’s Half Iron training program-built confidence in me weekly. He corrected my many swim problems, passed on sooo much knowledge about nutrition, managing workload throughout the race, and an actual race strategy to follow. I lined up the morning of ready to rock.

Making me a lean mean fit machine with a plan was not the best part. It was the friends I made along the way that I still stay in contact with today. Race with. Train with. Complain with. Nothing felt better than sharing my fears, pain and finally the accomplishment with someone else. I do not think I could have ever completed the race without the program.”

– Donny T. – The Man with a Legendary 70.3 Finish Line Celebration!

“My husband and I started with Tri 101 three years ago with limited background in swimming, biking or running. We’ve since crossed the finish line in multiple sprint races, a few marathons, half Ironman’s, and one Ironman. Our lives have changed over the last few years in a myriad of ways, all for the better.”

– John & Kellie H., Coach “Grads” extraordinaire!

“I had always had a goal to complete a “mini” triathlon and the year I turned 40 and my kids started school, I decided it was time.

I signed up for TRI 101 coached by Tom Ryan. Wow. In less than 10 weeks, Tom Ryan’s knowledge, training plan and motivation transformed me from clueless and unsure to confident and competitive. I couldn’t have made it to the finish line without the support and encouragement.”

– Molly D., TRI 101 (Nebraska State Games)

“I found that TRI 101 is a great way to enhance your fitness—no matter your level. Tom’s enthusiastic attitude, humor, and motivation made workouts fun. He somehow finds time during each practice to pay attention to and critique each participant, providing vital instruction. I hadn’t gone for a real “swim” in years, and through his feedback, was able to correct my form and get through my first triathlon! I never would have pushed myself as hard during post-bike runs if it weren’t for the group. I’ve made lifelong friends, and we all plan to continue to train together and push each other to achieve our goals. Next goal: Olympic triathlon. Later: Half-Ironman. I’m hooked and inspired!”

– Jessica E., TRI 101 (Texasman Triathlon)

“Tri 101 was a great experience. Coach Tom provides great mental and physical preparation. I made friendships that will keep me motivated and involved even after Tri101. This course is the ultimate confidence booster for someone looking to jump into what can be a very intimidating first triathlon.”

– Scott C., TRI 101 (Monster Triathlon)

“Tom Ryan’s TRI 101 training program is an excellent course for athletes of different backgrounds and levels, or someone pursuing to prepare for an introductory multi-sport race. With the outlined training schedule, it was easy to show up and participate. Through the eight-week course I was mentally and physically prepared for ‘Race Day’ from start to finish. I’m already excited for TRI 202!”

– Stephanie, TRI 101 (Redman)

“I was VERY apprehensive about signing up for the tri 101 group. I did not know anyone. I had never been in a pool with swim lanes and could hardly swim across the pool and back. I could only jog a few hundred yards without walking. I didn’t own a road bike and had never even ridden a road bike before.

At 54, I was the oldest in my group, but I felt a little better when I went to the first meeting and discovered that everyone was not an advanced athlete.

At the first workouts I was pleasantly surprised by all the help and encouragement that I received from the more accomplished and advanced coaches. With all the positive encouragement I progressed with each work out until what had just recently seemed impossible became almost routine. Every workout gave me a sense of accomplishment and progress.

Tom said just show up and do the workouts and he was right. By the time the Texas Man event arrived I was ready and so was everyone else in our training group. It was a great feeling of accomplishment and fun to see everyone in our group complete the Triathlon.

The Tri 101 group training makes a huge difference. You learn from people in your group and the more experienced athletes. I discovered that just by showing up I could get help and at the same time offer help and encouragement to others.

Tri 101 was a great experience for me. Over the years I have tried a lot of different activities for exercise. Going to the gym became routine. I found running alone can become boring. Having a large group of positive people to swim, bike and run with makes a huge difference. Without the group I am sure I would more often just roll over and go back to sleep, skip a workout, or cut it short.

I was disappointed when the Tri 101 workouts were over. I met a lot of nice people and enjoyed seeing them on a regular basis.

The Tri 101 experience helped me get into the best condition of my life. I have been younger, but I have never had more energy or been in better shape.

After sitting behind a desk indoors all day the Tri 101 workouts provided me with a great opportunity to get outside in the fresh air do something physically active. For me it sure beats the heck out of going to the gym.

I was pleasantly surprised at Tom’s ability to be patient with our beginner concerns questions and inexperience. Like a good coach he seems to know who needs a good sharp poking and who needs more encouragement and help.” ”

– Charlie T., TRI 101 (Texasman Triathlon)

“I remember saying that to myself as I drove to the first tri101 workout. Here I am, a 42-yr-old ex-athlete, 25 lbs. overweight with two knee surgeries under my belt. I was slightly intimidated and knew I’d probably embarrass myself. When I joined TRI 101 I could not run 1 mile, I was surprised how a little dedication from me changed that so quickly. I finished the program and completed two sprint triathlons in the same year! I have since competed in two 15k runs and have plans for my first half ironman. Tom’s tri 101 program showed me a path to get myself back in shape, which in turn has positively impacted all other areas of my life.”

– Jerry and Jeri D.

“We were the ‘non-Believers.’ We had heard about Tom Ryan’s Ironman coaching while speaking with another local Ironman finisher he had coached. As we listened, both my husband and I thought, ‘His training style included dramatically LESS training time than other coaches.’ Two other athletes, coached by Tom told us, ‘His approach to training is drastically different due to his emphasis on rest, perceived effort, and lifestyle.’ We decided to go with Tom, starting with a 70.3. Now, we’ve been with him for two Ironman’s! While other athletes were getting injured and burned out, we remained healthy and energetic!”

– Jerry and Jeri D. – Texas

“Ironman was a race and I wanted to tackle. Yet, a cancer battle consumed a good part of 2012. The next year, Tom created a training program that balanced my lifestyle which included a wife, a five-year-old daughter, and a newborn son, along with a job that required monthly travel. Tom’s approach taught me the balance between training – life and what he calls an athlete’s #1 workout – REST. Ironman training did require a great deal of time. Yet, it worked! ‘m ready to do it again. ”

– Walt C., Ironman Finisher