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Tom's Pool School

I am passionate about helping you, but we need to make sure my “Pool School” is right for YOU! Please, take a few minutes to view the videos! Thanks!

What is Pool School?

Are you tired of working your butt off in the water and NEVER getting faster?
Do you have a pull-buoy, paddles, snorkel, kick board, and Wax Smith Swims Fins at the end of your pool lane? Thought so …

Stop the exhausting, inefficient swim workouts!

Pool School 101 is a technique class for the developing swimmer. This is NOT a swim lesson. All athletes should be able to swim (freestyle) 25-yards.

Each Pool School class is limited to NINE athletes.

Pool School 1 (PS101)

PS101 is a 3-hour class that begins with filming you underwater. Then, we review your stroke and contain our laughter as much as possible. Next, we are in the water, learning TWO of Tom’s “Four Tenants of Swimming,“ LENGTH and BALANCE.

You WILL leave PS101 a more EFFICIENT and BALANCED swimmer with “drills” to integrate into your workouts.
*Some PS101 classes have a separate underwater filming day prior to class. This will be outlined in the class you select.


I’m not sure this if for me. Who is a good candidate for Pool School?

Pool School is perfect for beginner and intermediate triathletes looking to improve their swimming technique, making them more efficient in the water.

What do I need to bring with me to class?

A KICK ASS attitude! An excitement to learn! Cap, goggles, and swimsuit.

My swimming STINKS! No matter how often I swim, or type of workout, I do not get faster! What’s going on?!

It’s a combination of technique and workload (effort). Bottom line, most swimmers’ technique is not very good. We can change that.

Expert Swim Training for only $139!

PS101 is limited to 9 athletes.

Questions? Email or call, 214-454-9561.

Upcoming Trainings

September Classes

Pool School 1: Saturday, September 21, Southlake, TX 1pm-4pm – REGISTER!

October Classes

Pool School 1: Sunday, October 6, Southlake, TX 9am-12pm – REGISTER!

Click here to see upcoming classes and trainings

Register Now

Our pool classes aren't just for Dallas locals!

We’re on the move, bringing Tom’s renowned coaching sessions to swim clubs across the nation. These special events are tailored for the athletes in your city, with Tom hired to elevate your swimming skills.

Bring Tom & his “Pool School” to your City!

Contact tom at or call, 214-454-9561 to get started.

What people are saying


“Since class 1, I have gone to the pool a few times to try to get the hang of the technique you showed us and, while it obviously hasn’t been easy and I am still struggling with it, I can already feel myself gliding through the water much faster than before. At one point, out of curiosity, I timed my 300m and it was 20 seconds faster than I had ever done, and I wasn’t even really trying to go very fast.”

– Jim H.

“I used to be a scared, back of the pack, Triathlon swimmer, but NOT ANYMORE!!!! Thanks to Tom’s Pool School, I have gained the confidence, speed and technique I need to get on the podium!”

– Rebecca W.

“I didn’t realize how much just minor adjustments to my stroke could translate to such efficiency and speed gains. I found my swimming rhythm in Pool School. It is amazing the calm and SPEED that has translated into on race day. When I get out of the pool now, I feel STRONG not tired.”

– Jill P.

“Tom’s pool school stopped the insanity of endless laps with wasted time & energy. You will learn every aspect of the stroke, while incorporating efficiency and power. Because of Tom’s Pool School, I no longer have to say, ‘I’ll make it up in the bike & run!’”

– Kevin M.

Coach Tom Ryan

Over the 15+-year history, 100% of Tom’s Pool School Classes have sold out!

Tom began his career as a multiple year volunteer apprentice at triathlon camps for intermediate, elite and world class triathletes. His apprenticeship led to him being voted a two-time triathlon coach of the year by Competitor-Texas Magazine.

Tom created his “Pool School” by incorporating his years of study, learning, practicing, and competing in triathlon.

The reason Tom created his Pool School is, “When I worked triathlon camps, whether they were a beginner or a world class athlete, all athletes struggled with two things, nutrition, and swimming. Therefore, that is where I applied my focus and energy.”

The Fun Stuff

Tom’s favorite shows include: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Firefly Lane, Ozark, Glee, and Queen of the South. He can “talk shop” about ALL “chick flicks.” He eats pizza ALL the time and enjoys two ice cold Coca-Colas each week. THREE peanut M&M’s are a part of his daily nutrition. He is fluent in sarcasm and knows three cuss words in Korean.

He dances at ALL weddings, including his own. He’s had A LOT of weddings!

Pet Peeves include people who drive cars with dogs in their laps and people who “talk” but NEVER “do.”